Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Some Misinformation has been spread

and in defence of another church and pastor, I am publishing the proposed itinerary.

The program was :

Sat  22             3.35pm Dr Jerry Arrives at  Airport

(stays with Pastor Graham)

Sun 23             9.30am Speaking at Coast Church & Lunch


                        6-7.30pm Speaking at TableTalk

Mon 24            Free

Tues 25            9.30 Homegroup & visitation

Wed 26            1-2pm RE Primary

Tues/Wed?       Evening BBQ men’s meeting

Thurs 27           9.30am  Homegroup

3.30ff Kids Club at  Coast church


Frid 28             RE  Primary

                        Youth Groups 6.30-10pm at Coast Church

Sat 29              7.30am Mens Breakfast Coast Church

                        5.30 pm ff Community Dinner Graham’s church

Sun 30             9.50 am Church Anniversary Service

                        6-7.30pm TableTalk

Mon 31            4.05pm Dr Jerry flies from Airport back to Sydney. 

The pastor wrote “We will delete the children parts of it and try to find a few other adult opportunities. He doesn’t seem quite as flexible as I thought and hoped he might be.”


Please note

I counted 7 opportunities to speak to adults in church services  (table talk is a church service conducted at coffee tables in the church over a meal with opportunity for folks to discuss the evangelistic message). or small groups...  or special men’s functions  (BBQ’s and breakfasts).

There were 2 preaching opportunities on Sunday the 23rd, and 4 preaching opportunities on the 29th and 30th.

There were a further 5 opportunities to speak to children and youth. these were cancelled when he protested against children and youth being included in evangelistic activities.

He stated in an email “I  am just fine with speaking to the men's group at [the church] on Wednesday.  I am, however, NOT prepared to  speak to school groups or Kids Club's.  This is not my area of ministry.  My ministry has always been "preaching/teaching" expository messages to a congregation or group of adults. “

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