Monday, March 02, 2015


Removed from the BUNSW

Dear friends,

I am pretty distressed today. After serving in Baptist churches as pastor and church planter (I planted Kiama Baptist church and also South Western Baptist Church), I received notice from Births Deaths and Marriages that I am no longer a Baptist Minister and that the Baptist Union of NSW has removed my accreditation.

Arriving home I received this letter from the Baptist Union of NSW.

"as you are aware the Committee for the Ministry extended a period of grace to you until the end of 2014 to find a suitable Baptist ministry role. As this period of grace has now expired and you are still not in an approved ministry position, the committee has decided at this meeting held on 9 February 2015 to remove your name from the Register of Accredited ministers for the time being."

WOW thanks Baptist Union of NSW!!!

You have always treated your pastors so kindly and graciously!  I have yet to speak to anyone regarding this matter by either phone call or in person. I guess they couldn't afford the call.

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