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List of hymns in 1991 Baptist Hymnal


This list will make it easier for service leaders to select hymns based on the general theme of the messages you are preaching, rather than their alphabetical listing.


002-Holy Holy

HYMN 3 Worthy of Worship

004-To God Be

005-All People

006-Immortal Invisible

007-Joyful Joyful

008-A Mighty Fortress

010-How Great Thou

011-My God How

012-Great Is the Lord

013-From All That

014-Praise to the Lord

015-Come Thou Fount

016-O Worship the King

Hymn 18 “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

019-We Praise You

020-Sing Praise

021-O My Soul Bless

22 Bless the Lord

023-God Is So Good

027-All Creatures of

030-Stand Up

032-Praise My Soul

033-Praise the Lord

034-The God of Abraham Praise

HYMN 35 I’ll Praise My Maker

036-Praise the Lord

037-The Majesty&Glory

039-Rejoice Ye Pure

Responsive Reading 41

042-I Sing the Mighty

043-This is My Fathers

044-For the Beauty

046-All Things Bright

047-God Who Stretched

048-Morning Has Broken

051-Creator God

052-He Leadeth Me

053-In His Time

054-Great Is Thy Faithfulness

055-Children of the

056-Guide Me O Great

058-Like a River

Hymn 59 “My Lord Is Near Me All the Time”

060-Be Thou My

061-Savior Like

062-All the-Way My

063-Abide With Me

064-God Will Take Care

Hymn 65 Just When I Need Him Most

Hymn 66 Day By day

067-Come Ye Disconsol

069-Eternal Father

070-How Great Our

073-God Moves in

074-Our God Our

076-O Come O Come

077-Come Thou Long

078-Low How a Rose

079-Blessed Be the

080-Let All Mortal

085-The First Nowell

086-O Little Town

087-Joy to the World

088-Hark!The Herald

089-O Come All Ye

091-Silent Night

093-It Came Upon

094-Angels From

095-Go Tell it On

096-Good Christian Men

098-I Heard the Bells

100-Angels We Have

103-Away in A Manger

104-See to Us a Child

105-Child in the Manger

106-Infant Holy Infant

112-He Is Born

113-We Three Kings

114-Break Forth O

116-Our Savior Infant

117-As With Gladness

118-What Child is This

120-O Sing a Song

122-Tell-Me the Story

123-Jesus Thy Boundless

124-Who Is He

126-All Glory Laud

Hymn 127 The King of

128-Lift Up Your Heads

129-Tell Me the Stories

130-Hosanna Loud

132-There Is Power

134-Jesus Paid It All

135-Nothing but

Hymn 136 Are You Washed

137-O Sacred Head

138-At Calvary

139-At the-Cross

HYMN 140 Down at the Cross

141-Rugged Cross

142-There Is a Fountain

HYMN 143 What wondrous love

144-When I Survey

145-Alas & Did My

Hymn 146 Oh How He loves

147-And Can It Be

HYMN 149 Blessed Redeemer

150-Go to Dark

153 My Tribute

156-Were You There

159-Christ the Lord

160-Low in the Grave

161-Crown Him With

163-Thine Is the Glory

164-The Day of Resur

165-Hail the Day

168-We Welcome Glad

169-Look Ye Saints!

172-The Strife Is

173-Christ Is Alive

176-Fairest Lord Jesus

177 Jesus

178-He is Lord

180-Jesus Lover of

182-What a Friend

Hymn 184 Jesus is all the world

185-Jesus! What a

187-In the Garden

197-Rejoice the Lord

Hymn 198 “At the Name of Jesus”

199-Lo He Comes

200-All Hail

202-All Hail

HYMN 203 His Name is

HYMN 205 Jesus Is The Sweetest name

206-Blessed Be Name

207 Name of all Majesty

208-Love Divine

210-My Jesus I Love

212-I Love You Lord


216-O for a Thousand

217-O How I Love Jesus

219-Majestic Sweetness

221-When Morning

223 Alleluia

224-Holy Ground

225-Jesus the Very

226-O Praise the

227-Praise Him!

229-All Praise to

233-Behold the Lamb

235-Songs of Praise

241-Breathe on Me

Hymn 242 “Pentecostal Power”

245-Spirit of God

247-Come Thou

248-God Our Father

249-Glorify Thy Name

251-Of Fathers Love

253-Praise God from

254 holy holy

257-Praise the Father

259 Responsive Reading

261-Wonderful Word

263-Break Thou the B

267-Dear Lord

268-The Love of Christ

270-No Not Despairingly

272-I Lay My Sins

Hymn 273 Freely

275-I Surrender All

276-O Jesus I Have

277-Take My Life

278-Make Me a-Captive

279-O Master Let Me

280-Jesus Keep Me

282-Living For Jesus

Hymn 287 Take my life lead me Lord

288-Where He Leads Me

HYMN 289 My Lord

290-I Am Thine O Lord

291-Beneath the Cross

292-O Love That Wilt

293-Jesus Calls Us

294-Have Thine Own

HYMN 296 Jesus Is Lord of All

297-Search Me O God

Hymn 300 “Without Him”

HYMN 301 I am resolved

305-I Have Decided

307-Just-As I Am

Hymn 308 “Pass Me Not, O”

312-Softly and Tenderly

Hymn 315 Room At the Cross

316-Jesus is Tenderly

Hymn 318 the Nail Scarred Hand

HYMN 320 Turn Your Eyes

HYMN 321 The Saviour is waiting

Hymn 324 have you been to Calvary

Hymn 325 Whiter than Snow

Hymn 328 Wonderful Grace

330-Amazing Grace

333-Leaning on the

334-Blessed Assurance

335-Standing on the

Hymn 336 “I Am His and He Is Mine”

337-I Know Whom

338-How Firm a Foundation”

Hymn 339 Not What my hands have Done

340-He Hideth My Soul

342-Rock of Ages

344-Jesus Loves Me

Hymn 345 “Now I Belong to Jesus”

346-Hes Got the Whole

HYMN 348 in heavenly Love Abiding

350-The Church’s One

351-Built on the Rock

352-Faith of Our Fathers

354-I Love Thy Kingdom

355-For All the Saints

356-Christ is Made

360-Easter People Raise

HYMN 361 We have come into His house

362-Baptized in Water

363-Jesus Our Lord

364-Come Holy Spirit

366-Let-Us Break Bread

368-Here at Your Table

369-As He Gathered at

372-According to Thy

374-Your Supper Lord

375-A Parting Hymn

HYMN 379 Brethren We have met

Hymn 384 “The Bond of Love

385-In Christ There

HYMN 386 “The Family of God”

387-Blest-Be the Tie

388-Our God Has Made

391-Lord Thy Church

395-God of Grace

400-Rise Up O Men

401-Break Out O Church

Hymn 405 “Have Faith in God”

406-The Solid Rock

Hymn 407 Because He Lives

409-O the Deep Deep

410-It Is Well with my soul

411-Tis So Sweet

Hymn 412 “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place”

413-Faith Is the Victory

Hymn 415 “Moment by Moment”

416-My Faith Looks Up

418-Ive Got Peace

Hymn 422 Surely goodness and mercy

425-He Keeps Me Sing

Hymn 426 “Victory In Jesus”

427-For He Alone

429-All That Thrills

HYMN 430 There Is Sunshine

HYMN 432 It’s So Wonderful

Hymn 438 Heaven came down

Hymn 441 Since Jesus Came Into my heart

445-Sweet Hour Prayer

446-Take Time to Be

447-Trust and Obey

448-Just a Closer

449-All Praise to

450-I Need Thee

453-How Sweet the

Hymn 456 Precious Lord

Hymn 457 “Lord, Be Glorified”

458-Nearer My God

462-The Lords Prayer

467 There Shall Be Showers

469-Revive Us Again

470-Once to Every

473-More Love to Thee

Hymn 476 “Be Strong in the Lord”

Hymn 477 “Now I Belong to Jesus”

Hymn 478 “Seek Ye First

Hymn 483 Footsteps of Jesus

HYMN 484 Higher Ground

485-Stand Up Stand Up

489 “Lord, I Want

491-Make Room

Hymn 492 “Purer In Heart, O God”

493-Onward Christian

496-Burn in Me Fire

49 God We Ask

500-God Who Touchs

HYMN 504 God give Us Christian Homes

505-Happy the Home

506-O God to Those

507-Would You Bless

Hymn 514 “When We All Get To heaven”

515-Theres a Land

516-When the Roll Is

518-Shall We Gather

Hymn 519 Face To Face

521-On Jordans

HYMN 523, How lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place

524-We re Marching to

529-Forever With the

HYMN 531 Redeemed

HYMN 533 I Serve A Risen

535-I Will Sing the

HYMN 536 There is a Saviour

537-I Will Sing

538-Ask Ye What Great

HYMN 540 Saved

543-Since I Have Been

544-Redeemed How I

546-Love-Lifted Me

547-I Stand Amazed in

549-Creator of-Universe

Hymn 550 “I’d Rather Have Jesus”

551-I Heard the-Voice

553 I’ll tell the world

554-In the-Cross of

Hymn 555 I’m A Child Of The King

Hymn 567 “Share His Love”

Hymn 569 “Make Me A Blessing”

572-I Love to Tell

574-Soldiers of Christ

579-Shine Jesus Shine

580-O God of Love

Hymn 581 We Have Heard

585-Tell It Out

586-Weve a Story

587-Jesus Shall Reign

589-Ye Servants of

596-Go Forth and Tell

Hymn 597 Here Am I

HYMN 600 More About Jesus

601-Teach Me O Lord

609-We Give Thee But

614-Fill the Earth

621-Lead On O King

623-O Day of God

626-In Christ Our

628-A Servant of

629-God of Our Fathers

630-America the

631-We Utter Our Cry

633-Mine Eyes Have

634-My Country Tis

635-The Star-Spangled

636-We Gather Together

637-Come Ye Thankful

638-Now Thank We

639-As Men of Old

669 Responsive Reading Psa 24

670 Responsive Reading psa139

671Responsive Reading psa103

672Responsive Reading psa136

673Responsive Reading psa96

674Responsive Reading psa98

675Responsive Reading Gen1

676Responsive Reading Rom8

677Responsive Reading Psa90

678Responsive Reading Isa40

679Responsive Reading Lk2

680Responsive Reading matt2

681Responsive Reading jn13

682Responsive Reading Mk11

683Responsive Reading Isa53

684Responsive Reading Lk23

685Responsive Reading Jn20

686Responsive Reading jn4

687Responsive Reading Jn17

688Responsive Reading Lk15

689Responsive Reading Matt24

690Responsive Reading Rev5

691Responsive Reading Acts2

692Responsive Reading Psa119

693Responsive Reading Rom5

694Responsive Reading Psa51

695Responsive Reading Heb 10

696Responsive Reading Ex 20:8

697Responsive Reading Matt3

698Responsive Reading 1cor11

699Responsive Reading Rom 15

700Responsive Reading Isa6

701Responsive Reading 1cor 13

702Responsive Reading 1Jn2

703Responsive Reading Matt7v7

704Responsive Reading Matt6v7

705Responsive Reading Mat6v24

706Responsive Reading 1cor6

707 Responsive Reading Rom12

Responsive Reading 708Phil3 Eph6

709Responsive Reading Prov31

710Responsive Reading 1thess4v13

711Responsive Reading 2Cor4

712Responsive Reading Rom10

713Responsive Reading Heb12

714Responsive Reading Eph4v11

715Responsive Reading 2cor9

716Responsive Reading James2

717Responsive Reading 2cor8

718Responsive Reading Isa9

719Responsive Reading Jn8

720Responsive Reading 1peter

721Responsive Reading Rom13

Responsive Reading 131 jn19

Responsive Reading 237 jn14

Responsive Reading 259 2tim 3v16

Responsive Reading 274 eph2v8

Responsive Reading 404 phil 2

Responsive Reading 503

513 Responsive Reading 1cor 15

556 Responsive Reading matt28

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