Friday, November 16, 2007




I have a limited amount of copies of a tremendous book covering 250 of FW Boreham’s illustrations from life.  260 pages crammed full of Blessing.

If you haven’t read Boreham you are missing out on one of the great illustrative preachers of all time. And he preached much of his ministry in New Zealand and Australia!!  ( Although it was only in  the nether States of Victoria and Tasmania).

Steve has the book available for $25 p.p. to anywhere in Australia.

Ring him for details on 02 49278378.


FW Boreham's ministry in New Zealand, the Hobart Baptist Tabernacle and Armadale Baptist church in Victoria  issued in the writing of many ma ny articles for Newspapers and our Australian Baptist. These articles made up the substance of more than 40 books, some of which sell today for in excess of $250.


If you want to preach to be understood in a post modern world, use the illustrations of FW Boreham found in this book.


Let your wife buy you one for Christmas! Buy Boreham!

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