Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Setting Up A Free Church Website Using Tripod In Under 2 Hours.

Open in Another browser window

Save this as a favourite for now ( in case you mess up and have to start all over again).

Click on the link on this page :
“Sign Up for tripod its free”
This will take you to a form

Username (type in the name of your church) i.e. GoldenGateChurch
Check its availability (if not available change the caps or add a number or add Bap Baptist or bappy or something)

Type in a password
(Now…why not find a small address book and devote a few pages to all your passwords for programmes.. write down the username and the password for this site).

You need to fill in all your account information

Uncheck all the spam you don’t want coming to your email box.

Read terms and conditions (you get unwanted adds at your site, be prepared to write a disclaimer).

Enter the registration verification numbers.

And you are ready to start.

Once you are signed in to the general page
See the headings Lycos Network… click on tripod.

This should bring you to your site management page.

You should see a heading that says
My Site Builder sites or something like that.. it may say you have no sites… there should be a link there “Create new”

Click on that and see what happens.

Create a new site choose a template.. have a look for a nice template that you want to stick with.

Go to gallery
A page “web site templates” should come up.
Press the orange tab, Organisations

Click on
Religious organisations

Choose a web site name and pages

You will know what you want to put in here.

From here on the whole thing is easy! Go for it.
Make it pretty by learning (through experimentation) to upload photographs to your site.

Remember to create links to your already existing blogs.

Blogs are a great free way of quickly updating your congregation on events related to particular areas of church life, and they also are a neat place to store your old sermons (computers crash, so do blogs occasionally).

The only thing I regret with tripod is the adds for stuff I would not want to support.

have fun

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