Thursday, August 16, 2007


And then some balance from CHS

Oh! my dear brethren, I would
sooner you would leave these doctrines alone than that you should fall into
Antinomianism, for among the most damnable things which Satan ever sent
is that which shall lead you to deny the practical precepts, and to forget
that “Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” Unholy fatalism is a
deep ditch, and the abhorred of the Lord shall fall therein. Those persons,
too, who push the doctrines of election and make it into the doctrine of
reprobation show that they are foolish; they are not fit to deal with sublime
truth, and if some persons who are renowned for preaching the doctrines of
grace would only hold their tongues till they understood them their
admirers would wait upon a dumb oracle. Oh; ‘tis a grand thing to be able
to receive the whole truth, to learn human responsibility as well as divine
sovereignty; to see God doing as he wills, but man bound to obey; to see
Jehovah exalted on his throne, King of kings and Lord of lords, with man’s
will his subject, and bound to do what God bids it, simply and only because
God commands it. I am sure if we can couple the two things, free-agency
and predestination, together, we shall be saved from Antinomianism on the
one hand and from infidelity on the other. It is not holding half the truth
that marks the man, that is the attainment of a babe; but to hold all, and to
be afraid neither of high doctrines nor of low doctrines, neither of
Calvinism nor of Arminianism, nor any other ism so long as there is truth in
it: to pick the truth out and to hold fast that which is good, this is the
conduct of a masculine, well-developed believer. May you have grace, dear
friends, as touching these truths, to feed upon them as men who are of full
age. Vol 9 pg 294

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