Monday, February 26, 2007


Cesar Malan poems for funerals

No, no, it is not dying To go unto our God; This gloomy earth forsaking,
Our journey homeward taking Along the starry road.
No, no, it is not dying Heaven’s citizen to be; A crown immortal wearing,
And rest unbroken sharing, From care and conflict free.
No, no it is not dying To hear this gracious word, “Receive a Father’s blessing,
Forevermore possessing The favor of thy Lord.”
No, no it is not dying The Shepherd’s voice to know:His sheep He ever leadeth, His peaceful flock He feedeth, Where living pastures grow.
No, no it is not dying To wear a lordly crown;Among God’s people dwelling, The glorious triumph swelling Of Him Whose sway we own.

It is not death to die, To leave this weary road, And midst the brotherhood on high To be at home with God.
It is not death to close The eye long dimmed by tears, And wake, in glorious repose, To spend eternal years.
It is not death to bear The wrench that sets us free From dungeon chain, to breath the air Of boundless liberty.
It is not death to fling Aside this sinful dust And rise, on strong exulting wing To live among the just.
Jesus, Thou Prince of Life, Thy chosen cannot die: Like Thee, they conquer in the strife
To reign with Thee on high. Cesar Malan 1832

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