Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Your Funniest Funeral Story

G'day gents..
Can I ask you to contribute some of the funny stuff that has happened to you in ministry? Life can be pretty bleak unless we learn to laugh at some of the interesting events God brings into our lives. I propose a set of posts detailing our funniest incidents. Please change the names so that no one will be executed.
How about first of all, your funniest funeral story.

A little while ago I conducted the funeral of man who loved fishing. The family insisted on placing one of those singing bass plaques on the coffin.
As the coffin came out after the service, the funeral director picked up the plaque. He was concerned that the thing might "go off" accidently, and the fish would begin singing its first song “I gotta get outta this place!”
Thoughts of the fisherman tapping from the casket as the fish sang filled our minds.
The second song that bass sang was no more suitable “Don’t worry be happy!”

Music is important at any funeral. I did a funeral of a show business lady, who wanted "Fly Me To The Moon" as her cofin was carried out. But that was nothing compared to the Transport Workers Union Secretary (like Teamsters Union in USA) who had played the song "Convoy" as he was carried out.

Tell me some of your stories,

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