Thursday, September 14, 2006


Steve is on holidays for 4 weeks until mid October.

The preachers at the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle during this time are:
Jeff Shepley will be preaching Sunday the 17th September at 10:30 AM will be a mission message from Psalm 96.
PM message on the 17th will be on “Handling Giants of any Kind” from 1Sam.17.
Sunday the 24th September AM will be on “3 Things God Wants You to Know in Hard Times” from 2Cor.12:7-10, and the PM message will be on the Rich Young Ruler, from Mk.10:17-23.
The following two Sundays:
October 1 Our preachers will be AM :Ron Scott PM: Arthur Upton
October 8th Our preachers will be AM :Ron Barker PM : John Heaney

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